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Deakin - Golden Chords



This album is just unlike anything else. It is the debut album for Deakin, member of the psychedelic-pop quartet Animal Collective. All of Animal Collective members are solo artists, but James "Deakin" Dibbs has alway been the most mysterious. Panda Bear, Avey Tare, and Geologist are other members of the group. I was recommended this album by a friend named Mike, at Ohio University, we met at Lollapalooza at M83. I knew many people at Lollapalooza but was most interested in the music and by the last day I was with Mike and another new friend from Chicago and we saw LCD Soundsystem and it was the most incredible performance I've ever seen.

The first listen through I could tell this was a good album. Sleep Cycle is short at just 33 minutes, but a substantial work. The album seems to have a strong consistency but also spontaneity. In 2009 Deakin used Kickstarter to fund a solo album but due to fear and doubt nothing came until 2016. The album is unmistakably an Animal Collective product but unique in many ways.

I found this album on repeat in my walks around campus in the cold. I listened to this album while creating a new photo series in the Forest. To me the most effective listening of this album is a walk alone in the forest. I always appreciated the album but it wasn't until this combination that I understood the true beauty of this album. 

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