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Independent Music Club?

I want to do more to add value to others lives. And if I ever want to work or get an internship involving music I need to add something palpable to my resume.

I had this idea as a culmination of these ideas. The idea was sprouted when in a two week period I realized I missed three concerts I would have loved to go to. It seems that the hardest part about going to concerts, besides buying tickets, is just knowing about shows. 

My idea is for an informational club based around independent (read: not on the radio) music. I already spend hours every week reading and learning about music, and I know this is not a luxury an engineering student may have. The biggest aspect of this club would be a weekly newsletter with things like upcoming releases, upcoming shows and just general indie music news. Signing up for this would deliver a concise page of information for the busy student to stay engaged and learning about independent music always. I think everyone should be able to explore this side of music but it can be inaccessible. 

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Independent music, is a difficult term to describe just go take a look at r/Indieheads. For the sake of an early definition I will say it is music that is produced with an intent besides becoming the next "Pop, Top 40" hit. In my opinion, it is music well informed of conditions it is built on. Music that surprises you and makes you think. There is no "indie" genre and it definitely is not what the Grammy's classify as "alternative."

Maybe eventually there could be genre based newsletters people could choose in lieu of the broad news.

The purpose of this club would be multi-dimensional. On the surface it will delivered the promised information. Some tertiary effects could be greater awareness and appreciation for music; making new friends; talking to people with the same music interests as you and learning from each other. 

To accomplish tertiary goals of the club I would incorporate a Facebook or some type page for discussion between members. My vision for this conversation would be talking about things in the newsletter, open invitations to shows (because everyone likes to meet new friends and go to cool shows), and eventually a social media front for club members own writing. 

Eventually my goal with this club will be to make a website in the style of Pitchfork, Consequence of Sound and others but written by students in the club. I've started writing album reviews and want to get into concert photography and reviews as well. I think people truly interested in music would find enjoy this. This would further the decimation of information and conversation surrounding the topics of the club.  

I am talking to people at other universities about starting branches at other campuses. For this website to gain an accumulation of content and not sit dormant I would allow content from any branch of the club to populate this website. The end goal being to create a college student written music blog/website.


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